Why is a Microwave Sparking?

June 29, 2020
Microwave Repair

Aside from just spontaneously lighting on fire, a microwave throwing off sparks is one of the most terrifying things that appliance can do. It makes you afraid to touch it, and for good reason. Microwaves are small, but easily one of the most dangerous appliances in your kitchen. Unlike other appliances, even when unplugged, it can still store a lethal charge.

Unfortunately, when a microwave is throwing sparks, it is often due to some of these dangerous parts being faulty. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you leave this particular repair to a professional for your own safety.

When a microwave is producing sparks, it is typically due to two primary causes – the high voltage diode or something is making contact with the interior cabinet that is metal. The high voltage diode helps provide power to the capacitors in order to run the magnetron. Over time, this diode can start to short and will ultimately burn out. If it has started shorting out, you may notice sparking and popping occurring as it begins to burn out.

Be sure to not use foil in the microwave. Or any type of metal that is not microwave safe.

While it is possible to replace a faulty stirrer yourself, if you are uncomfortable going inside a microwave or believe it is a diode at fault, you will want to contact us today. Let the professionals at Central Valley Appliance fix up your microwave safely and quickly.


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