Why Will a Microwave Run But Won’t Heat?

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In most circumstances, a microwave will just stop together. When it has a problem heating, most causes will see it cease to run at all. However, if you hear it running normally, but pull out food that is still cold, this is a confusing problem. While this is a weird symptom, it is still a symptom. You will have already … Read More

Can You Repair a Broken Microwave Display?

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Is the display or control panel on your microwave having issues? Do the buttons just not respond? Is the display not showing anything or is what it shows deformed in some way? These are issues, and they can be highly disruptive ones at that. However, if your display or control panel are having issues on a microwave, can you actually … Read More

How to Replace a Fuse in a Microwave

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Microwaves, as we so often forget, are dangerous appliances. Even when unplugged they can hold a lethal charge in the capacitors. Because the appliance needs to amplify power in order to function, it does come equipped with quite a few safety features. One such feature is a fuse. Your microwave may have different fuses, but they serve the same purpose. … Read More

How to Discharge the Capacitor on a Microwave

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When it comes to microwave repair, it is generally recommended that you leave the repair of this small appliance to the professionals. Unlike other, larger appliances, even if you unplug a microwave, it can still hold a deadly charge in its capacitors. The amount of power needed to fuel a microwave is a lot, so it typically stores up power … Read More

Why is a Microwave Sparking?

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Aside from just spontaneously lighting on fire, a microwave throwing off sparks is one of the most terrifying things that appliance can do. It makes you afraid to touch it, and for good reason. Microwaves are small, but easily one of the most dangerous appliances in your kitchen. Unlike other appliances, even when unplugged, it can still store a lethal … Read More

Why a Microwave Runs But Doesn’t Heat

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Does your microwave turn on and appear to run its heating cycle only for you to open it up at the ding to find cold food? Certainly the most frustrating of situations, but actually it is really quite good news in a way. If a microwave were to just not run at all, it could be any manner of problems. … Read More

How to Replace the Turntable Motor in Your GE Microwave

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In order to cook your food evenly, the turntable in your over-the-range GE microwave model JVM1870BF rotates. The rotation is controlled by a turntable motor, which connects to a coupler. When the glass tray in your appliance stops spinning, a malfunctioning turntable motor is a likely cause. Luckily, replacing the defective motor is a simple repair that shouldn’t take you long at … Read More

How to Open a Stuck Microwave Door

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If your microwave suddenly will not open, the problem it is having it a pretty obvious one – there is something wrong with the door latch or door latch assembly. When these components experience a malfunction, it can only malfunction in two very specific ways. The door with either not latch closed or it will not open. Either way, it … Read More

Does it Make Sense to Repair a Microwave Oven?

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The microwave oven probably ranks among the least expensive appliances in your kitchen, but it still costs a substantial amount of cash to replace. If it’s not working correctly, consider these factors as you decide how to solve the problem: Repair Expenses It tends to cost less to fix a microwave oven in comparison to some of the larger appliances. … Read More