Why A Microwave is No Longer Heating?

February 17, 2019
Microwave Repair

There are a lot of microwave issues you can let go on a while until repairing them, but when your microwave is not heating, that is a major problem. It is broken and unusable, and as such it needs repair. However, there are a number of issues that can cause a microwave to not produce heat.

When a microwave is no longer heating, you should look to three primary causes:

  • An Electrically Open Diode – Working with the capacitor to double the voltage and power the magnetron, the diode is a crucial part in your microwave. When the diode burns out, the microwave will no longer have enough power to heat the food.
  • Broken Door Switch – For your safety, the door switches on a microwave are required to activate in order to use the microwave. A microwave typically has multiple door switches, and if one is broken, the microwave will not work.
  • An Electrically Open Magnetron – The magnetron is the component that heats the food. If it has been broken then it will produce no heat. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive repair to make to a microwave and it may actually be more cost effective to get a new microwave.

Before making any of the repairs above, it is important to be aware that repairing a microwave is actually one of the most dangerous DIY appliance repairs you can make. Even when unplugged, the capacitor can actually store quite a bit of high voltage that can be discharged if not handled correctly. So even if the microwave is unplugged, you are not safe. For most microwave repairs, it is usually better to contact a professional repair service.


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