Can You Repair a Broken Microwave Display?

December 28, 2020
Microwave Repair

Is the display or control panel on your microwave having issues? Do the buttons just not respond? Is the display not showing anything or is what it shows deformed in some way? These are issues, and they can be highly disruptive ones at that. However, if your display or control panel are having issues on a microwave, can you actually the repair them?

While a microwave looks like an appliance that is difficult to take apart, it really isn’t. In fact, in terms of appliance repair, replacing the control panel and display on a microwave is actually one of the more simple repairs you can make. Essentially, you just need to remove the outer casing on the microwave to gain access. You can then remove the keypad and display to make that replacement.

While the keypad on your microwave can wear out, it is rare that the display on its own just goes bad. Usually, when you have display or keypad problems, the real problem is with the control board. The control board is the brain of your microwave, and any malfunction with it could come with a whole slew of symptoms. However, usual symptoms for it include problems with the display or keypad first before any other issues.

The good news about this is that most modern microwaves all have this rolled into one replaceable piece. The display, keypad, and control board would be all replaced at one time so that it can be done really easily and without the extra time spent trying to diagnose whether it is a problem with one part or just a control board issue.

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