Why Isn’t a Dishwasher Cleaning Dishes on the Top Rack

July 23, 2020
Dishwasher Repair

Have you opened your dishwasher to find the dishes on the bottom nicely cleaned, but the dishes on the top rack still dirty. One of the very first things to check is how you loaded them. Sometimes, too many dishes on the bottom can impede the ability of the dishwasher to water items on the top rack. However, that is an obvious reason. If you have already confirmed this not to be the case, then you will want to move onto the real problems.


One of the most common causes for this issue is that the spray arm that was tasked with cleaning the dishes on the top rack is either blocked physically from spinning or has become clogged with debris. While checking a physical blockage is easy, checking for clogs can be a little more difficult. You will need to remove the spray arm and visually inspect it.

Typically, you will see build up around the holes. If you have hard water, this will most likely be limescale. You can scrub it away with a toothbrush and may want to soak it in a solution that dissolves this lime build up. Do not insert items like toothpicks into the holes. These risk breaking off in the holes and creating even tougher to remove clogs. If you have a small set of screwdrivers, these can be a better option.


If the water pressure to your appliance is too low, it will not spin the spray arm. The dishwasher needs water pressure in order to rotate the spray arm. If it is too low, then the water will just dribble out and no motion will happen. The water will also not reach an appropriate height to reach the dishes.

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