Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Drying Dishes?

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A dishwasher is a convenient thing. It is nice to not have to wash and dry each individual dish after a meal, but when your dishwasher isn’t drying your dishes then you have a problem. Water spots aren’t pretty, and having to dry each individual dish after a wash cycle kind of takes away some of the convenience. When dishes … Read More

Fixing a LG Faulty Flow Meter

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This is one of those issues that you might miss at first, right up until you open your LG dishwasher and find dirty dishes, that is. The primary issue is that your dishwasher appears to work as normal. It fills up fine with water, but right before it starts the wash cycle, it drains again. It could stop or it … Read More

How to Disassemble the Rear of a Samsung Front-Loader Washing Machinae

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Before beginning work on any appliance, homespun do-it-yourself practitioners should be aware of four basic principles of safety. If something is heavy, use your legs when lifting, or if it is too heavy for you to manage, get someone to help. If you’re working on an electrical appliance, unplug it from its power source When troubleshooting appliances that use water … Read More

A Leaking Dishwasher? Maybe It’s The “Neighbors” Fault!

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Your Dishwasher Might Be “Collateral Damage” Just because water is pouring out of the bottom of your dishwasher doesn’t always incriminate the dishwasher. Sometimes it’s the innocent victim. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Take for example the recent case of a Frigidaire Model FD8510LCS0. Evidence (Symptoms) Obviously, water coming from the bottom front area of the dishwasher. However, the … Read More

How to Replace the Door Latch Assembly in Your LG Dishwasher

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If you push the start button on your LG dishwasher model LDF6810BB, and it doesn’t turn on, don’t panic. The malfunction preventing your appliance from operating may simply be a failing door latch assembly. The door latch assembly on your dishwasher has two important functions. First, it keeps the door locked and stops water from leaking out while your appliance cleans … Read More

How to Repair a Nonworking Maytag Dishwasher (DWV8260BAX)

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The Maytag built-in dishwasher (model number: DWV8260BAX) is a handy addition to any kitchen. However, if your Maytag built-in dishwasher is having trouble starting, you may need to diagnose and repair the problem yourself. Fortunately, this can be a simple and quick repair that anyone can perform, requiring few tools and only a little time. For this repair, you will need … Read More