How to Replace an Outer Dishwasher Door

August 9, 2019
Dishwasher Repair

The outer door of your dishwasher is the face of the appliance. It is there to look nice, but it is also there to protect the more sensitive parts inside of it. Over time, you might manifest a few dents or cracks in the exterior door of your dishwasher. This doesn’t mean you need to replace the whole appliance, however. You simply need to replace that panel. We are going to go over a generalized process for replacing the outer door panel on most dishwasher designs, but this can vary by model.

Once you have found the specific manufacturer-approved replacement, you can start this repair by turning off the water to the dishwasher and disconnecting it from the power via the circuit breaker. This repair doesn’t really involve any parts that use water or power, but it is a safety precaution you should still take.

Opening the dishwasher door, you should see many screws around the edge that secure the front and inner door together. Remove these screws and keep a hand under the front panel near the end so it does not fall suddenly. You are not so much worried about damaging the front panel that you are replacing, but more so damaging the wire connections inside it.

Once the front panel has come off, disconnected any wire connections. The most difficult part of this repair is lining up the new front panel. You will need to connect the wires again and align the panel in the front. You may find it easier to close the dishwasher door to make sure it is aligned properly and make sure none of the wires are being pinched. You may need a second set of hands to hold the door in place while you insert the screws back in.

Once you have ensured that all the screws are tightly secured, close the dishwasher door and make sure it closes smoothly.If you need help making this repair or any more difficult appliance repairs that you are not comfortable taking on yourself, contact us today.


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