Replacing The Lid Hinges on Your Top-Load Washer

October 10, 2019
Washer Repair

The lid hinges are designed to last probably longer than the lifespan of your top-load washer, and they are not something you think about. Yet, accidents happen. If the lid was pushed back too far, slammed too hard, or otherwise jostled is a way other than designed, the lid hinges can become damaged which will impede the lid’s ability to close fully or quietly. However, the hinges can be replaced quickly and cheaply compared to other washer repairs.

To replace the lid hinges on your top-load washer, be sure to unplug it and disconnect it from the water for your safety. The following steps are generalized and it can vary by brand and model.

To access the lid hinges, you need to slide a putty knife or other flat object under the hood on top of your washer to disengage the locking mechanisms. Once done on both sides of the front, it will lift just like a car hood. Underneath on the back, you will find two screws that secure the lid. Be sure to support the back of the lid on the last screw so it does not fall. You can lower the hood and now can lift the lid right off.

On the underside of the lid you will find the hinges on the back. The hinges themselves can be wiggled right off the hinge pins. However, if it is actually the hinge pins that are damaged, you can remove them via the securing screw on the back lip of the lid.

If you just need to replace the hinge itself, you can slide the replacement right on the hinge pin. Once done, the lid can be re-positioned and re-secured.

While this repair is pretty easy for the average appliance owner, not every repair is something that appliance owners are comfortable doing themselves. For these more difficult repairs, contact us today so Central Valley Repair can help you get all your appliances up and running again quickly.


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