Replace Your Whirlpool Washer’s Washplate When It Won’t Agitate

February 18, 2019
Washer Repair

Sometimes old washing machines will stop agitating properly. That’s because these moving parts are often under the most stress and are the first to break down. If your clothes are soaked at the end of the washing cycle and the machine isn’t agitating them properly, check the washplate for broken splines. Order a replacement washplate #WPW10215115 for your Whirlpool washer and follow these steps:

1. Unplug the washer.

Even though you won’t be going near any electrical components, unplug the washing machine. This is an essential safety step any time you repair or troubleshoot your appliances.

2. Dismantle the washer’s tub.

Open the washer door and locate the cap at the bottom of the tub over the central shaft. Pry the center cap off with a flathead screwdriver. Then remove the bolt under the cap. Hold the washplate during removal to prevent spinning.

Next, grab the raised portions of the washplate like they’re handles and pull it free from the central shaft.

3. Install the new washplate.

Pry the metal shield out of the middle of the old washplate. Then push it into the center of the new part. Press it firmly down until you hear each of the locking tabs click and engage.

Lower the new washplate into the washer tub. Line it up with splines of the central shaft and push it securely down. Make sure it can move without uneven friction.

4. Reassemble the washer.

First, retighten the bolt into the central shaft. If you saw traces of dried blue liquid around the threads, that was blue Threadlocker, which creates a secure but not permanent seal. Consider adding more to reseal the bolt against vibrations and movement.

Thread it into place by hand and then tighten it with a bolt driver. Hold the washplate simultaneously so the bolt doesn’t spin without tightening.

Then align the cutouts in the cap with the locking tabs around the shaft. Press it into place by hand.

Plug your washing machine back in and enjoy your newly repaired machine. For more appliance repair tips, go to Appliance Repair Specialist here.


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