Does Your Washer Need a Software Update?

March 19, 2020
Washer Repair

While even younger washer owners may be expecting something mechanical like their parents had, technology is ever marching forward and appliances are swept up with it. As such, washing machines today come with digital screens, motherboards, and even wifi connection. As some aspects of your washing machine are now handled by a computer, there may be a day where it will require a software update.

There is good and bad news about this. If you require a software update on a washing machine that is able to connect to the internet, it will likely do it on its own. You may be prompted to start it, but otherwise, it won’t interrupt your life much. If you own any Samsung appliance, this will be a part of your life, but most new models from any brand will require it these days as the home becomes smarter and more connected by technology.

The bad news is there are some generations of washing machines that are in a bit of an awkward phase. They don’t connect to the network and you will need a special software update module to update the software.

You don’t need to buy the module yourself. Usually, you just want to call a repair technician out to make the update. Unfortunately, that is an expense that you will have to pay for. Further adding onto this bad news is that if you ignore software updates on these models, they can actually impede washer function. There have been reports of certain washer model not spinning or intermittently spinning, not because there was anything wrong with the mechanical parts of the appliance, but because it needed a software update.

This can present a frustrating situation for the intrepid DIY appliance repair owner, but it is something that can be diagnosed and repaired quickly by a professional.


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