Are Top Load or Front Load Washer Easier to Repair?

March 27, 2020
Washer Repair

The debate about which is better – top load or front load – among washers is a debate that rages to this day. Each has distinct benefits that should affect your choice. What shouldn’t affect your choice is which model is easier to repair. However, while that shouldn’t affect your purchase, there will come a day where you will need to make repairs.

In general, the clear winner in which model is easier to make repairs on in a top load washer. On top-load models, the control panel is easily disassembled and the outer shell can often be removed without much fuss either. Essentially, all the crucial working parts that might need repair are very easy to get to.

One of the major reasons that make front load washers less easy to repair is you will often need to move a dryer from on top of it. If your models are stacked, they will need to be unstacked in order to start repairs. You can’t exactly stack a top load washer model.

Front load washers are typically more expensive overall to purchase which leads to many components costing more. As the washer spins differently and uses gravity, it will cause more wear on the working parts.

While this part of the debate has a very clear winner, if you need a washer repair, no one is winning anything. If your washer – no matter which model it is – is having problems, contact us today. Central Valley Appliance Repair can help you get it fixed fast.


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