Replacing the Door Gasket on a Maytag Refrigerator

December 28, 2018

They are the least noticed part but play the most important part – the door gasket. The door gasket, or the door seal as they are sometimes called, seals any potential gaps between the door of your Maytag refrigerator and the cabinet where you store all your food. However, this seal can become worn and old. When that happens, it loses its elasticity and can manifest a number of symptoms. Primarily, the cold air will be able to escape, meaning it can manifest in leaks from your refrigerator, the unit constantly running to cool it down, and your food not being kept at the appropriate temperature. However, if the seals are failing, it is a simple fix.

Before removing the old gasket, be sure to order a replacement door gasket model #W11036546 for your Maytag refrigerator. Even if your faulty gasket isn’t doing a great job now, it is doing a better job keeping things cold than no gasket at all.

To remove the old gasket, you need to lift the edges of the seal to reveal the securing screws behind it. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove each of these screws. Once the screws are removed, the plastic door shelving cover will pop off and the gasket can be removed.

When installing the new door gasket, you will first want to heat it up slightly with a blow dryer so it is more pliable and any creases that came from packaging are removed. You will want to line the new gasket up with the old holes and secure them. It may be a job for more than one set of hands to keep the gasket lined up.

While changing the door seal on your Maytag refrigerator isn’t technically complicated, it can be deceptively difficult. For more tips, tricks, and professional repair advice contact us today on our website to see what we can help you with.


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