Why is the Outside of My Refrigerator Sweating?


A little bit of moisture inside your refrigerator can be expected if you, for example, just finished putting away groceries or loading a week’s worth of meal prep inside. However, the last place any homeowner expects moisture is on the actual outside of their refrigerator. Exterior refrigerator sweating may or may not be caused by a fixable issue, but if it is, you need to fix it swiftly.

When a refrigerator sweats on the outside, it is not actually sweating, but rather producing condensation. When cold air meets warm air, it draws the moisture out into physical droplets referred to as condensation. This is why you can expect it sometimes inside your refrigerator, but why is it happening on the outside?

The simple answer may be you are opening and closing your refrigerator too often on a hot day. The influx of cold air is lingering outside of it and creating condensation. However, if it is happening frequently, that is likely not the cause.

Another possible cause is that your refrigerator is set too cold. The cold may be permeating through the door and when the hot air on the outside hits it, you get that sweat. If you have tried turning the temperature up, then there is only one final cause and the only cause that needs repair. If your refrigerator is sweating, you should look to the door gasket. This plastic seal is responsible for keeping cold air in and hot air out. If it is worn or has gaps that could be potentially leaking out cold air, it is not only causing the sweating, but it is probably raising your energy bills.

While replacing a gasket is pretty simple, if you are having other or more complex refrigerator problems, you may want to contact us today to get a professional’s help with your appliance repair.


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