Why Ice Cubes Are Not Dropping From Your Freezer Ice Mold


When your ice maker activates, water is poured into a mold. The water is then frozen into neatly shaped ice cubes for your use. However, that is wonderful if the ice is actually ejected from that mold as it is supposed to be. If your ice maker is not producing ice, but the mold is full, it can mean a number of problems, and not all of them mean repair.

Before You Consider Repair

Ice that is stuck in a mold can be caused by issues that are not necessarily a malfunction by the freezer. Before considering something broken, be sure to check the following.

  • An error occurred and the reset button needs to be pressed.
  • Ice has piled up and shut off the ice maker. Level off your ice bin or empty it a little.
  • Your ice is not done because your freezer is not an optimal temperature. Decrease the temperature to between 0 and 5 degrees.

What Could Be Broken

If all the above have checked out, now it is time it investigate what part may be broken.

Ice Maker Heater

In order to release the ice from the mold, your ice maker will use a heater to slightly melt the ice and loosen it until it drops. If the heater is not functioning, the ice may just stick, sometimes partially, to the mold.

Ice Maker Module Motor

In combination with the heater, the motor also works to eject the ice. If this module with the motor in it has failed, the ice will not eject.

Ice Maker Thermostat

This is the part that controls when the heater is to turn on and turn off. You may notice that the ice doesn’t get ejected because the heater does not turn on, but this can be the cause as well. Alternatively, it can cause the heater to run too much and may leave to sloppy, somewhat melted ice.

If you have tried to troubleshoot your ice maker, but to little success, then it is time to call in a professional. Contact us today to see what we can do to help you.


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