Should You Repair or Replace a Refrigerator?


When your fridge stops working correctly, you’ll need to quickly decide if you should fix it or buy a new appliance. The right choice varies depending on the type of repair, refrigerator age, and other factors.


Check the warranty; you may be surprised to find that it remains in effect. Some high-end models come with 10-year guarantees. If you used a credit card to buy the appliance, your card might extend the original warranty.


Try to find the refrigerator’s date of manufacture. Many modern units last around nine to 16 years; small models tend to have comparatively short lifespans. If your fridge is near its “expiration date,” consider replacing it.


Look up the current prices of comparable equipment. A built-in or counter-depth unit will cost far more to replace than a standard top-freezer model. Unless you have repair skills, it probably doesn’t make sense to fix a small dorm refrigerator.

Estimate the total expense of replacing the appliance. Add up the costs of removal, disposal, delivery, installation, sales tax, and any financing. This will help you determine if a replacement is truly more economical than professional service.

Next, estimate the price of the necessary repair. Angie’s List reports that refrigerator service fees generally range from $200 to $400. If the appliance needs a door gasket or fan, it will probably cost less than a new compressor.


Don’t overlook the time and effort it takes to replace kitchen equipment, especially if it’s located on the top story of a tall building. Repairs are usually less disruptive and allow you to avoid shopping for refrigerators.

A new appliance may provide a longer-lasting solution, but professional service normally costs less and involves fewer hassles. If you decide to keep your refrigerator and fix it, please contact our knowledgeable staff to schedule an appointment at a convenient time.


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