How to Replace Your Kenmore Refrigerator’s Door Handles

Any appliance parts that face a lot of movement or manual operation will quickly develop wear and tear. This includes your refrigerator door handles. If the handles have broken off or have cracks in the plastic, you can replace them yourself. It’s also a good idea to replace the door handle if they have stains that won’t come out or worn grips from years of use. Order replacement part #5304504507 if you have a Kenmore model refrigerator. Then follow these steps:

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

Separating an appliance from its power should always be your first step. Even though this repair procedure doesn’t directly involve wiring, unplugging the refrigerator is a good precaution. If you have a smart or digital refrigerator, you might bump into wires where you least expect them.

2. Uninstall the bottom (or right) refrigerator handle.

Open the fridge door and unscrew the top of the handle. There are two screws at the top of the door and, once they are removed, keep them on hand to install the new handle. Then rotate the handle counter-clockwise past the corner guard.
The bottom of the handle is secured by a locking tab rather than a screw. Once the handle is perpendicular to its usual position, push it to the right to loosen its grip on the locking tab. Then pull it free.

3. Install the replacement handle.

First, line the bottom of the new handle with the door’s locking tab. Slide the handle to the left to lock it. Next, rotate the top of the handle clockwise over the corner of the door and into position. Then secure it with the two screws.

4. Repeat the steps for the second handle.

The top (or left) freezer handle follows the same steps for replacement. However, all of the directions are reversed: you need to rotate the handle clockwise to uninstall and counter-clockwise to install. If the freezer doesn’t need a new handle, save the part for the future.
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