How to Replace the Freezer Door Gears in Your Maytag Refrigerator

August 10, 2020
Refrigerator Repair

A warm freezer and wasted food are two symptoms of a freezer door that is no longer closing properly. The freezer door on your Maytag refrigerator model MBF2258FEZ uses a long gear and a short gear to slide closed. If either gear is damaged or is worn out due to years of use, the freezer door will no longer shut with ease, or the door will remain slightly open no matter how hard you try to close it. Luckily, replacing the door gears is a quick and easy repair.

Refrigerator Repair Safety Tips

  • Even though you aren’t replacing an electrical component it’s still wise to unplug your appliance before you get started.
  • No matter how simple a repair may seem, protecting your hands and eyes by wearing work gloves and safety goggles is a necessity.

How to Replace the Freezer Door Gears in Your Maytag Refrigerator

  1. Slide open your freezer door and then lift the door up and off the side rails.
  2. A support shaft runs in-between the right and lift gear. To remove the shaft, carefully slide the left side of the shaft towards you to dislodge it from the first gear. Once the left side is extracted, simply pull out the right side from the second gear.
  3. With the support shaft out of the way, use a flathead screwdriver to pry out the right and left gears while also removing the gear supports, which sit behind the gears and attach to the slide rails.
  4. Start installing the new gears by pushing in the gear supports. Then, snap the long and short gears onto the supports, making sure the gear teeth match up with the cuts in the slide rails.
  5. Next, reinstall the support shaft by first inserting it into the long gear, and then sliding it into the short gear.
  6. Now you can put your freezer door back on your refrigerator. To do so, simply insert the back and front tabs on the door into their respective mounting slots. After the door is secure, slide it closed to ensure it closes easily.

If the freezer compartment in your refrigerator isn’t cold enough, and you’re not sure which component is malfunctioning, please contact us today and one of our highly trained refrigerator repair technicians will visit your home to diagnose and fix your appliance.


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