How to Fix a Refrigerator Door That Sags


Have you looked at the face of your refrigerator and noticed that it looks a little off? Perhaps you notice the space between the refrigerator and freezer door looks uneven or the top or bottom of your appliance door isn’t flush with the rest of it. Unfortunately, this can be a problem. If you have young children that may have hung on the doors or even if your appliance is just very old, the doors can start to sag from trauma or years of opening or closing.

Even if the refrigerator door that sags still closes, it is a problem that needs fixing sooner rather than later. The issue is that when not seated properly, the door may still close, but the gasket may not be forming a proper seal. It is likely that if you run your hands around the edges, you would feel some of that cool air escaping. If left alone, a leaking refrigerator will be taxed doing all that extra cooling and your energy bills will rise. Lucky, while you think a sagging door may mean a new appliance is needed, but it is actually really easy to fix.

What you need to do is locate the bolt at the top of the sagging door. In some models, this adjustment bolt may be covered by a cap that can be popped off. Once located, using the correct sized wrench for your refrigerator’s bolt, loosen it without removing. You will then lift the door up until it is even. Typically when doing this, another person can help you as you will need to physically hold the door to keep it straight and tighten the bolt in order to secure it in this position.

Unfortunately, if you find the bolt adjustment arm is the part that is bent, you will likely need to replace the appliance. You can attempt to straighten it yourself, but the arm has already been weakened.


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