Get Your Refrigerator Repaired

April 5, 2021
Refrigerator Repair

Maintaining your fridge is an important thing to do.  It is important to take care of certain elements of the fridge to both cut down on your power costs and keep your fridge lasting as long as possible. Here are some ways to achieve refrigerator repair in Los Angeles, CA:

Replacing Light Bulbs 

To change out a light bulb in the food section, you should disconnect the power first to avoid electrical shock. Allow the light source to cool off. The Maytag Care Manual suggests exposing the light bulb by sliding the clear light shield toward the back of the compartment. Afterward, remove the light bulb, and install a new one of 40 watts.  When that is completed, replace the light bulb cover by sliding the shield toward the front of the refrigerator until you hear a locking sound. 

For the freezer, reach underneath the light cover and press forward and down on the notches with pressure. Remove the cover from the back, and replace the light bulb. Then, to snap the cover back in place.

Refrigerator Coil Maintenance

If your fridge is not cooling, it is best to solve that problem by looking underneath. The main steps to clean fridge coils are:

  • unplug the power source
  • locate the coils either behind a back panel or under a grille
  • vacuum out the debris
  • use an appliance brush for hard to reach areas
  • vacuum again
  • plug the fridge back in and reposition

Troubleshooting Your Fridge

Troubleshooting can be tricky. If the compressor is not operating and the refrigerator keeps on running, wait 40 minutes to see if the refrigerator restarts. 

In case the fridge does not operate or smells, check the circuit breaker and transfer the food to another refrigerator. Do this if the fridge is leaking water as well. 


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