How to Replace the Bottom of Your Electric Kenmore Oven After It Warps

March 1, 2019
Oven Repair

The bottom panel of your oven allows heat to safely transfer from the bottom burner to the cooking compartment. It also protects the burner from any spills or damage. But once it starts to warp from heat damage or chemicals, it’s time to replace it. Order replacement part #316400603 for a new range oven bottom that fits your electrical Kenmore oven. Then follow these three steps:

1. Unplug the oven.

Always unplug a major appliance before you begin making repairs. Even if you don’t need to directly access any electrical parts, disassembling a powered appliance can be dangerous. 

2. Remove the bottom panel.

Open the door and remove the oven racks. Locate the two screws in the rear corners of the oven. Scrub away any burned residue on the top of the screws and then loosen them. Set the screws aside.Use the two cut-outs on the sides of the panel as handles and lift up the rear edge of the bottom panel. Then slide the panel away from you to release it from the groove. Set the panel aside.

3. Install the new bottom panel. 

Orient the panel so the front edge is facing you. Slide it into place in the front groove. Then lay the rear edge down until the panel is flat. Use the handles to adjust the panel until the rear lines up with the screw holes in the frame. Then rethread the two screws into each of the rear corners.Add the oven racks back into place and shut the oven door. Then plug the appliance back in.This is just one of the DIY appliance repairs you can make if your appliances aren’t working like they used to. Go to Appliance Repair Specialists here for more repair guides and troubleshooting tips. We also who trained technicians who can help you with more complex appliance repair jobs.


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