What To Do When Your Dryer Doesn’t Heat

October 7, 2019
Dryer Repair

When you put your clothes into the dryer, you expect them to come out dry. If the clothes tumble, the cycle ends, and your clothes are still cool and damp, there are repairs to be made. Here are a few parts to test out:

Heating Element

On a Maytag dryer, you’ll find this part either under the drum on the right side in a round heater chamber or behind the drum at the top. GE dryers have two heating elements, which you’ll see after removing the top, front, and drum. To test, turn off the power and disconnect the heating element’s wires. Use an ohmmeter to check that there is continuity between the terminals.

High-Limit Thermostat

The high-limit safety thermostat is on the heater chamber in both Maytag and GE dryers. To test it, disconnect power from the dryer and unplug the high-limit thermostat’s wires. Use an ohmmeter to test its continuity, and replace it if it has none.

Cycling Thermostat

This part is located on the blower housing or in the internal airflow ducting. It can also be checked for continuity with an ohmmeter.

Thermal Fuse

Look for white plastic housing about an inch long on the blower housing or heating element housing (electric dryer) or on the burner housing (gas dryer). The ohmmeter should read 0 on a room-temperature fuse. The fuse may blow if another part has failed.


A switch on the Maytag or GE motor turns the heater on when the motor is running. This is hard to test safely, but you may be able to repair any problems by cleaning with an air compressor or vacuum. If the problem continues, replace the motor.

Gas Dryers

Gas dryers may have a faulty igniter, radiant flame sensor, or gas valve. The igniter should glow for 30 seconds before the burner lights. If the igniter isn’t the problem, it may be the flame sensor. To test each of these, disconnect power and use an ohmmeter to test the continuity of both parts. If both are fine, you may need to change the coils on the gas valve. Call Central Valley Appliance, as working with gas can be dangerous.

In all cases, be sure your dryer vent is clean. We’re happy to help with any of these fixes, so please contact us at Central Valley Appliance.


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