Unique Problems That Come With Ventless Dryers

August 17, 2020
Dryer Repair

Choosing a ventless dryer is a good choice for homes that don’t already have a dryer vent, and don’t want the expense of having one installed. However, as ventless dryers lack a vent and thus have less of a chance of being clogged by lint, they come with their own unique set of potential problems.

In vented dryer models, heated air is dissipated through a vent and taken outside of your house. This takes the moisture from your drying clothing with it. However, ventless models work in a different way. The heat is cooled by cold water coils. The moisture is then drained away. However, this is not a perfect solution. On occasion, the water can form condensation on the underside of the dryer. This can cause mold and floor damage. This often means you need to clean the underside as well as the condenser coils to ensure that the dryer functions properly.

On a similar note, ventless dryers also come with a distinct humidity problem. If your laundry room is an enclosed space, ventless dryers put off humidity that can make the room feel muggy. This leads to further mold and mildew issues. All of this wears down on an appliance too. As an appliance owner, your job will be trying to keep your washer and dryer as dry as possible in order to not let mold grow or appliances become damaged by the water.

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