Troubleshooting Why Your Gas Dryer Has No Power

March 8, 2021
Dryer Repair

If your gas dryer is not getting power, you may, at first, suspect a gas problem. After all, it is a gas-powered dryer. However, while your gas dryer uses gas to fuel the heating element, it does use electricity to actually run the appliance. This means that the power problem in your gas dryer is still an electricity problem, rather than a gas problem. That all being said, sometimes the cause isn’t the electricity at all either. If your gas dryer appears to have no power, here is what to check.

Power to Your Appliance

The most obvious thing to check first is the electrical connection of your dryer. Is the fuse in the circuit breaker still working? Is the plug getting power? Does the power cord to the appliance look healthy?

Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is a one-time use in a dryer that will trip if the dryer gets too hot. In some models when this happens, it simply turns off the power to the heating element only. In other models, it turns off the power completely.

Door Switch

If your gas dryer appears to be getting electricity, but just doesn’t start, you may want to test the door switches. In order to prevent the appliance from running with the door open, these switches prevent the dryer from doing anything unless they sense a closed door.

Control Board

This is the least likely cause, but almost any dryer problem can be blamed on a faulty control board. It is the brain of the appliance and if it isn’t sending the correct signals, the appliance will fail to do anything. While you can test the control board with a multimeter, it is likely that, if this is the case, you will have noticed a number of problems with your appliance leading up to its ultimate failure.


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