How to Diaignose a Thumping Noise in Your Amana Dryer ALE230RAW

April 16, 2018
Dryer Repair
Do you hear a thumping noise when your Amana electric dryer (model number ALE230RAW) is spinning? This unpleasant sound may be due to a malfunctioning Idler pulley. But never fear, the problem is fixable.
First, gather the supplies you will need for this repair: a putty knife and an electric screwdriver.
Remember to unplug the dryer before you begin to take your dryer apart. Once you have done that, start by popping off the top of the dishwasher: first, stick your putty knife into the gap underneath the top of the washer about three inches on the right and left sides. This will loosen the top of the dryer so that you can remove it.
Once the top has been removed, remove the two 5/16th screws in the front of the machine with your electric screwdriver spinning counterclockwise. Be careful as you remove the front of the dryer, as the machine has sharp edges.
Hang the front panel off to the side and remove the wires that go to the door switch. Make a mental note of how the wires are ordered: white, then gray, then yellow. If the rubber seal around the door falls off, feed it back around the door before you set it aside.
Now remove the two connectors that attach to the light bulb on the top front, watching out for your fingers. Now remove the four 5/16th screws with your screwdriver going counterclockwise. Now you can lift up the cover and pull it off.
At this point, you must reach under the machine and disconnect the belt. Now you can pull the dryer drum out and set it aside so that you can access the back of the machine.
You should now see three roller tubes and your Idler pulley. If you see that the pulley is flopping around freely, you will have to replace the pulley in order to fix the problem and stop the rattling noises when your dryer.

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