4 Tips to Quality Home Dryer Repair

March 8, 2021
Dryer Repair

s your dryer not working lately?  Has it been making too much noise or developing an unusual smell?  There are various ways you can go about fixing this ongoing problem.  Whether you have a Whirlpool, GE, or Samsung dryer, our technicians at Appliance Repair Specialist specialize in quality dryer repair for your home.  Before you contact one of our technicians, here are four tips you can follow in getting that dryer fixed in no time.

Fix its Heating Problems

One common problem that has occurred amongst dryers is with their heating.  If you have a dryer not heating your clothes well enough, here are some steps you can try to rectify this problem:

  • Turn the machine into a heating cycle: Make sure that your dryer is on a cycle that includes heat.
  • Clean the lint filter: Check to see if your lint filter is clogged.  If it is, you must clean the filter and dispose of the lint.  The lint filter is very important for the heated air to flow properly through the drum.
  • Clean vent tube: Rigid metal or corrugated foil vent tube must be taken out to remove any lint out.
  • Check your circuit breaker: If your circuit breaker has failed, be sure to get it to check and replaced by an electrician if necessary.
  • Investigate the heating element: A single or multi-coil element is used in an electric dryer to heat the air.  The heating element must be working so that the air heats up.

Resolve Why it’s Taking so Long to Dry Your Clothes

Suppose you have a dryer taking too long to dry clothes.  One common reason behind this problem is the blower wheel could not be working.  This part works with the drive motor to draw air into the dryer drum.  What could make it stop working is items such as lint and articles of clothing getting stuck in the blower wheel.  The sleeve can also wear out, enabling the blower wheel to shake on the motor shaft.  If you have a Whirlpool dryer not working, the Whirlpool Dryer Blower Wheel Y303836 is a quality item that is compatible with many Maytag and Jenn Air dryers.

Examine your Dryer Drum

Another common problem is when your dryer drum is not working.  If your clothes are not tumbling in your dryer, this may mean that your dryer drum is not turning.  However, sometimes the motor could be running, but the drum is still not turning.  The cause of this could be a worn or broken drive belt.  However, this drive belt is quite inexpensive to replace.  If you have a Samsung dryer not working, the Samsung Dryer Drive Belt 6602-001655 is a slender belt that could wrap around the dryer drum to repair it back together.

What if your Dryer is Smelling?

The last common problem that many customers have encountered with their dryers are odor issues.  Sometimes after using your dryer for a long time, an unfortunate burning smell could start to develop.  How can you fix a dryer with a burning smell?  Here are a few quick steps that should cover this problem:

  • Removing Lint Build-up.
  • Vacuuming the Inside of the Dryer.
  • Cleaning the Hose and the Vent.
  • Inspecting internal parts.

It takes a lot of effort to resolve these common issues that many owners of dryers deal with.  But if you find yourself needing an electrician to resolve some of these problems, contact us for a service appointment today.       


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