How to Unlock a Locked Oven Door

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Oven locks are a mechanical feature that allows you to secure your oven door. Typically the oven lock only really needs to be engaged if you don’t want young ones opening the door while the appliance is on or when the self-clean function is running to keep everyone safe from the extreme heat. Yet, there may be times when the … Read More

Dealing With a Dishwasher That Tilts Forward

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When installed correctly, a dishwasher shouldn’t move at all. If it is freestanding, you should be able to move it to a new location, but when you move it, it should only move horizontally. Built-in dishwashers, however, will move no direction. Yet, if you have found that your dishwasher tilts forward, it needs to be addressed. Contrary to popular belief, … Read More

Ride the Metro With… No Pants?

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Already planning to be bored this January in Los Angeles? That makes sense. January is less than an amazing month full of broken resolutions and cool temperatures. Los Angeles has a few interesting events going on, but not quite as many as other, better months. However, if you want to spice things up in 2020, go for a ride on … Read More

How to Replace a Dryer’s Moisture Sensor

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If your dryer has an automatic dry function, then it uses moisture sensors inside the dryer tub to sense how wet your clothes are. When the clothing hits these sensors, it will detect how moist they are and adjust the time accordingly. However, if these moisture sensors are faulty then they can cause the dryer to end the dry cycle … Read More

Faulty Parts That Will Cause a Dryer Not to Start

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If your dryer will not start at all, there are a few simple things to check first, such as if the door is shut completely or if the dryer is unplugged. Unfortunately, there may come a day when a more complex problem will present itself. If you have checked the obvious reasons a dryer isn’t working, now it is time … Read More

5 of the Weirdest Restaurants in Los Angeles

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If you crave something unusual with your dinner, you’ll want to visit some of the weirdest restaurants in Los Angeles. These places care as much about entertainment as they do about food. Here are 5 of our top picks for a meal you’ll never forget. Clifton’s Republic: You’ll think you’re in a natural history museum when you see all the … Read More