Why is Your Ice Maker Not Making Enough Ice?

December 21, 2020
Refrigerator Repair

If you have opened up your ice maker and found a few new ice cubes but hardly enough, then it is a sign of a problem. This particular problem is one of the more frustrating ice maker issues. After all, it is in fact working, but it just isn’t working very well. However, if your ice maker just isn’t making enough ice, here is what you should be checking.

Thermometer in the Freezer

If the thermometer in your freezer is set too high, you will find that ice cubes won’t set properly. Not only will you receive less ice than you are supposed to, but the cubes you do get will be small and misshapen. In order to properly make ice, the temperature in your freezer needs to be about 0 degrees F. Lower is fine as well, but higher will cause problems.

Clogged Water Filter

If you aren’t receiving enough ice, a good first inkling will be to think that the ice maker isn’t getting enough water to do the job. If there were a water inlet malfunction, you likely wouldn’t get any ice at all since you would get no water. Instead, you may want to look to the water filter. If your water filter is very old, then it is likely also very dirty. This means that not only is your water quality a little lower, but it is restricted. The ice maker runs the water for a set period of time. This means if it doesn’t get enough water in that time, it won’t make enough ice. If you cannot remember the last time you changed the filter, then it is definitely time to change it. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you may then want to investigate a clog in the water line, which will be more difficult.


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