How to Repair an Oven That Heats Unevenly

January 15, 2021
Oven Repair

If you have pulled out food from your electric oven and found that it is unevenly baked, it can certainly be a problem you can live with, but only for a while. Someday soon you will tire of having to make sure you rotate your food and wish your oven just worked the way it used to. The good news is that an oven heating unevenly is actually really quite simple to fix.

You will want to start by removing the protective bottom plate of your oven to reveal the second heating element. Electric ovens have a heating element on the top and bottom of the tub, but the bottom is often concealed. You will want to be able to see both. What you want to do is heat up your oven to 350 degrees F. Any temperature will do, but this is the standard. Near the end of the preheat cycle, open your oven and look at those heating elements. They should be glowing orange or red and doing so rather evenly. If you see uneven spots or the element doesn’t appear heated at all, then that is the cause of your uneven temperature.

Now you will want to wait for your oven to cool down completely and disconnect it from the electricity. At the back of the faulty heating element, it will be secured to the back of the oven tub by screws on each side. Remove those screws, as well as the screws securing the elements to the top or bottom of the oven, and you will be able to pull it forward. Do so gently at first as it is connected to wiring still. Once you see the wires, you can easily disconnect them. Now all that is left is to swap out your faulty heating element with a new replacement.


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