Why Your Washer is Staining Your Clothing

August 6, 2019
Washer Repair

The last thing you expect from your washing machine is for it to start staining your clothes. It is supposed to clean them, so doing the opposite is quite the surprise. If your washer has started leaving stains on clothing, there are two typical issues to check for.

Greasy Residue

Did someone in the homework on a car or other piece of machinery recently? You probably ended up washing a grease-covered set of jeans. Hopefully, you did so separately so as to not taint any other clothing. However, these items have another bad habit of leaving residue behind in a washer. If you notice black or grey stains on your next load, there is grease residue in your washer.

Remove this residue by wiping down the drum, then running a hot water load in the empty washer with a cup of white vinegar to remove the rest of the remaining grease.


Your washer and every part of it is coated and built to resist rust. However, if a part is damaged, that coating may fail and rust may form. For example, if the inside of the drum gets chipped or damaged, it can start to rust. This will start to leave red or orange stains on your laundry.

Unfortunately, this can be difficult to fix. Once rust starts to form, there really is no repairing it. The only option is to replace the part before the rust spreads to other areas.

While cleaning out a greasy washer isn’t too tough, if your stains are caused by rust, this may be better left to a professional. Replacing a rusty washer tub isn’t too difficult, but it can be a heavy part and maybe safer if left to a professional technician. If you need a washer or any malfunctioning appliance repaired, contact us today.


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