Why Your Washer is Not Rinsing Clothing Properly

October 19, 2020
Washer Repair

Have you noticed that your clothing is coming out of your washer still a little soapy or slimy? This means that they have not been properly rinsed in the wash cycle. You may need to manually rinse them or try running the rinse cycle again. Obviously, this is not something you really want to do every time. In order to get it fixed up fast, here is what you need to check.

Drain Issues

The first thing you will want to check is if the washer is draining properly. If it is not, this means that the soapy, dirty wash water may still be around during the rinse cycle. It prevents the fresh water from actually rinsing.

If this is a possibility, there could be a clog in the drain hose or a malfunctioning drain pump. You may think that this means the washer doesn’t drain the rinse water either, but that is not quite true. In some cases, your washer may still drain, but it drains slowly. As such, the wash water doesn’t get fully drained away, but the rinse water does over time.

Too Much Detergent

This can be a common issue when people switch from a washer that uses standard detergent to one that uses high-efficiency detergent. Not only do you need to use less detergent in these washers, but it needs to be specifically designed for high-efficiency washers. If you continue to use the detergent you used before, it will result in suds and residue that may not be effectively washed away.

Water Supply

If your laundry is improperly rinsed, it may be an issue of there not being enough water. If the supply hoses are clogged or leaking, there may not be enough to rinse water in order to properly rinse your clothing. You will want to check the inlets as well as the hoses.

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