Why a Washing Machine is Using Cold Water on a Warm Cycle?

July 20, 2020
Washer Repair

If you have noticed that the hot water or warm water cycle on your wash cycle is icy cold, it may seem like a problem. However, in many cases of this particular problem, it is not actually an issue with the washer. Yet, you will still want it fixed, so here is what you will want to check.

This issue typically manifests itself in the colder months. If that is the case, the cold temperatures themselves can be an explanation. The pipes can be too cold so by the time the hot water gets to your washer, it is not so hot anymore. If you are running a warm cycle that mixes with cold water, it won’t be warm at all.

If temperatures around the water pipes get too cold, the hot water may become physically blocked by freezing. This is why if you have cold temperature hot water problems, it is important that you check and insulate the pipes to make sure they do not freeze and risk bursting.

Another solid explanation is that someone else has already used up the hot water. If you try to run the washer after the whole family has had their morning showers, there won’t be enough hot water in the water heater for the clothes.

Finally, if hot water isn’t making it into your washer, it could be an issue with the water inlets or hoses attached to your washer. The hot water inlet may not be turned on. The water hose may be blocked. It could even be a case of a faulty water inlet in your washer.

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