Why a Washer Timer Won’t Advance?

May 28, 2019
Washer Repair

If you have a pile of laundry all loaded up and you start your washer, you may be disappointed to come back an hour later to find your washer still in the beginning cycles and that timer has not advanced even one minute. However, more unfortunate than the fact that you need to make a repair is the fact that a timer not advancing on your washer can be caused by many different potential issues.

Causes of a timer not advancing on your washer include:

  • Water Level Controller – In washers, the water level controller is responsible for sensing when a washer is full enough to prevent overflowing as well as to send the signal to start the wash. If your washer is full and the cycle does start, it still may be because of a fault in this part.
  • Timer Motor – If your washer is washing as it normally does, but it is simply a case of the timer not moving, then it may in fact be a faulty timer motor.
  • Drain Pump – If your washer gets to a certain cycle and the timer does not advance, it could be a problem with the drain pump. If the washer doesn’t drain, it will not advance to the next cycle.
  • Water Inlet Valve – If your washer pretends to start, but sort of stalls out when it is filling, then it may be an issue with your water inlet valve.
  • Lid Switch – In top-load washers, a lid switch that latches serves to signal the timer to activate. If this happens or if it is faulty, your washer may not start or the timer may not trigger.

Certainly, you could troubleshoot all these issues yourself, but for problems that may have different culprits, it is better to leave it to the professionals. Contact us today to see what we can do to help.


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