When Do You Need to Replace Washer Hoses?

July 6, 2020
Washer Repair

Washer hoses, at least the old ones, do not last forever. Unlike many other working parts of a washer that are less likely to fail for a decade or more, the hoses that are exposed to pressurized water can wear down quickly and need replacement. However, do you know how often you should be replacing your washer hoses?

The answer for many people is that washer hoses need replacement whenever there is a leak, of course. This is a valid approach to the problem, but you can catch leaks before they even start and replace the hose. Washer hoses will typically last for about five years before they start having problems. Once they reach that age, you will want to check them every few months to look for obvious signs of damage. If you notice brittle, cracking areas then the hoses will need to be replaced. You will want to be particularly diligent in areas where the hose bends. Often you will see bulging in this area before a leak occurs. As the hose is bent, it makes it weaker in these spots and those more likely to wear down and break.

When replacing your washer hoses due to age, it is highly recommended that you spend a little extra and invest in the steel braided washer hoses. These newer models of washer hoses are less likely to bulge, burst, and leak at the bent areas. This gives them a much higher lifespan. It is likely that if you replace your old washer hoses with these new models, you won’t be replacing the hoses again for the lifespan of the appliance.

Unfortunately, these great hoses don’t mean your washer will not leak. Instead of the hoses bursting, you can see leaks at the water inlets if they start to fail. However, these are typically smaller leaks than a burst washer hose and more manageable to clean up.


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