What Causes a Washing Machine to Smell?

July 13, 2020
Washer Repair

If you have been chasing a funky smell around your house, you may find yourself looking at an appliance you didn’t expect – the washing machine. As with any appliance that can use water, your washing machine can develop a funk that comes from the growth of mildew and mold. However, upon investigation, you may not be able to find where all this is growing, so what is causing the smell?

The Gasket

If you close your front-load washer after each use, you will quickly develop mold in the plastic door gasket as moisture becomes trapped inside. You will see standing water and black spots, indicating smelly mold is starting to grow.

Check the Dispenser Drawer

If you have a front-load washer, you may be aware that leaving the door open helps the gasket dry out and prevent mold, but they always forget to mention the dispenser drawer needs the same treatment. There is just something about the detergents that makes them a target for mold growth when left to linger with a little moisture.

Too Low of Wash Temperature

Bacteria like hot, moist environments, right? Well actually, some molds like moisture, but prefer it to be about 40 degrees. This means using warm or cold water washes – while good for your clothes – can cause smelly growth in your washer. It is recommended to run a hot water wash at least once a month to keep things in check.

Waste Water Issues

Does your laundry come out smelly? It can be because of growth inside the washer, but this can also be a sign of a waste water problem. The issues is that the wash water is not draining, the rinse is not running, or the wash water is draining back into the drum. You will want to investigate the drain hose, the drain motor, and the standpipe for issues.

Do you have issues with your washer other than the smell? Contact us today to see how Central Valley Appliance Repair can help.


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