How to Replace Your Whirlpool Washer’s Rear Leveling Leg 285244

June 21, 2018
Washer Repair
Washing machines only work well when they are level. If the machine is at a tilt, the internal parts may start to grind together. A tilt is usually caused by a lost or damaged rear leveling leg. Order replacement part #285244 for your Whirlpool washer and follow these steps to replace the part.

1. Unplug the washer.

Even though this repair does not directly deal with electrical components, it’s always best practice to unplug a major appliance or flip its circuit breaker before starting any repairs. This step keeps you, the machine, and the surrounding area safe.

2. Tilt the machine forward.

Because you are replacing one of the parts the washer rests on, you will need to securely tilt the machine at an angle. Tip it forward and slide a block under the rear of the washer. The block should be tall enough so you have enough clearance to work but try to use a block four inches tall or less.

3. Remove the rear leg.

The leg is held in place by a pin through the middle. This pushes it tight against the horizontal mounting bar. Use a hammer and a punch to tap the pin through the back of the leg until it is fully separate. Then pull the leg away from the bar and set the old leg aside.
The new part will have a pin but don’t lose the old one in case you need it.

4. Install the new leg.

Slide the new leg through the bottom hole. Align the holes along the side with the mounting bar and fit the two parts together. Push the front pin into position and tap it firmly in with a hammer and punch. Grease the pin and the side so the part will move smoothly.

5. Remove the block.

Tilt the machine slightly forward and remove the block holding it up. Then slowly lower the machine. Make sure you can see the pin moving relative to the base of the machine as you lower it to the ground.
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