How to Replace the Noise Filter Assembly in Your LG Washer

February 13, 2020
Washer Repair

In order to cut back on the electromagnetic noise produced by your LG washer model WM2301HR, the appliance is equipped with a noise filter assembly. A faulty noise filter can cause your washer to emit an excessively loud static or buzzing sound while plugged in or when the washer is in use. Another common symptom of a damaged noise filter is a washing machine that won’t turn on. The power running to the appliance control board passes through the noise filter before it reaches the board, meaning a malfunctioning noise filter assembly can potentially cut off the power flowing to the board. If you believe the noise filter is behind your washer’s malfunction, continue reading to find out how to replace the part.

Appliance Repair Safety Tips

  • Before you start repairing your washer unplug the appliance and turn off its water supply.
  • Protect yourself by wearing work gloves and safety glasses.
  • If you’re having difficulty repairing your washer or at any point, you don’t feel comfortable continuing on, please stop the repair and contact an experienced appliance repair technician.

How to Replace the Noise Filter Assembly in Your LG Washer

  1. Start your repair by heading to the back of your appliance to unthread the two screws securing the top panel to the washer. Next, slide the panel towards you, and then lift it up to uninstall it from the washer.
  2. With the top panel off, locate the noise filter assembly, which should be mounted on the side wall of your washer. Once you’ve spotted the part, unthread the screw holding it in place.
  3. At this point, disconnect the wire harness plugs running to the noise filter, and remove the faulty part from your washing machine.
  4. Now that the old noise filter is out of the way, you can install the new one. First, connect the wire harness plugs to the noise filter assembly. Then, attach the part to the side wall of your washer by rethreading the screw that holds it in place.
  5. Close up your washing machine by replacing the top panel and securing it with the screws you removed earlier.
  6. Finish up your repair by plugging-in your washer and turning on its water supply.

If your washer continues to make an unusual noise or it still won’t turn on, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to diagnose and repair the malfunction.


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