How to Replace the Leg on Your Washer

October 24, 2019
Washer Repair

Every washer comes on four legs. Usually, they sit very close to the ground and you might not even notice that they are there. However, they are crucial for keeping your washer level, which not only helps in proper function but keeps it from rattling around obnoxiously during the spin cycle.

While the washer has four legs, only the front two are usually adjustable. This helps you keep the appliance level to avoid problems. However, what can happen over time is that one of these legs and becomes damaged and no amount of adjusting will get them back in level again. As plastic legs, they are pretty difficult to actually break, but they have pads on the bottom to help protect the floor from the legs and move the washer if needed. Over time, a pad might come off one leg, which will cause it to sit unlevel with the other. Lowering that leg may result in it scraping the floor, so really what needs to happen is that it needs to be replaced.

The most difficult part of replacing a leg on your washer is not the replacement, but rather reaching the leg. It is recommended that you get some wood to prop up your washer so you can have good access to the bottom leg. Once you do, you simply need to unscrew that adjustable leg and screw in the replacement. It is recommended to count the visible threads on the already installed leg as this can help you know how much you need to screw in the new leg so it sits level.

Once done, you want to lower the washer and place a level on top. If it sits level, then your job is complete. However, if it is not level, then you will need to readjust the newly installed leg.

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