How to Disassemble the Front of a Samsung Front-Loader Washing Machine

October 15, 2018
Washer Repair
Are you searching for a simple, yet concise way to access the front of your Samsung Front-Loader?
Before we get into troubleshooting, remember to use safety principles first. Always unplug electrical appliances before working on them. Be cautious around sharp edges, lifting heavy objects, and have towels and bucket ready for water spills.

How to Access Components Such as the Water Inlet Valve, Control Panel, or Pressure Switch

  • Remove the two screws located to the rear of the top panel.
  • Slide the top panel to the rear and lift off, careful to avoid any sharp edges.
At this point, if you need to replace the user control and display board, you need to remove the control panel first. How?
  • Pull out the dispenser tray.
  • Depress the tab located to the rear to release and remove the dispenser tray.
  • Locate and remove the dispenser mounting screws and slide the dispenser toward the rear of the machine and pull the control panel off from the top.
  • Disconnect 2 wire harnesses to fully release the panel.
Read on to access components located a bit deeper in your machine.
  • To complete the removal of the front panel, use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove a retaining wire that holds the door boot seal in place.
  • Pull the seal away from the lip of the front panel.
  • Remove two screws that secure the door latch assembly in place.
  • Open and remove the filter access door and release the drain tube from the retaining tab.
  • Now, remove the screws located inside the filter housing.
  • Tilt the washer toward the rear and place an object under the front of the washer for support.
  • Remove the two screws located at the bottom. These are the two screws that secure the front panel.
  • If you need to access the pump assembly, detach the assembly wire retainer from the base.
  • Tilt the washer and remove the support and gently lower the washer to the ground.
  • Remove the mounting screws located on top of the front panel.
  • Use a slot screwdriver to release the front panel from the frame.
  • Remove the recirculation hose from the retaining brackets on the panel.
  • Now remove the front panel to access components such as the pump assembly and the front tub shock absorbers.
Reassemble the washer by following the above guide in reverse or read on.
  • Align the slots in the front panel with the tabs located in the base.
  • Replace and secure the recirculation hose in the retaining brackets.
  • Double-check that the door latch assembly is inside the cabinet.
  • Snap the top half of the panel in position.
  • Replace the top screws.
  • Lift and support the front of the washer to replace the bottom screws.
  • Remove the support and lower the appliance to the ground.
  • Replace the screws in the filter housing.
  • Secure the drain tube under the retaining tab.
  • Reattach the filter access door and snap into place.
  • Realign the front door latch and replace the mounting screws.
  • Align the boot seal on the lip of the front panel.
  • Replace the control panel and reconnect the wire harnesses.
  • Insert tabs located in the bottom of the panel into the appropriate slots and snap the top half of the panel in place.
  • Reposition dispenser and replace the mounting screws.
  • Slide the tray in place.
  • Reposition the top panel by aligning the edge of the panel with the tabs located on the support bracket and push forward.
  • Replace the screws to the rear of the panel.
  • After the washer is completely reassembled, plug the power cord back into its designated electrical source.
Run the washer to confirm that your repairs were successful.

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