Fixing a Washer With Only One Temperature of Water

May 6, 2019
Washer Repair

In all modern washers, you are afforded the ability to choose the temperature you want to wash your clothing on. To make that happen, your washer is hooked to your water lines and will bring in both hot and cold water through the dual port water inlet valve. Yet, if you are setting your washer to cold and finding it using burning hot water, or completely the opposite, then you have an issue.

If your washer is only using one temperature of water for every wash, you need to look to the water inlet valve in the back of your washer for faults. If you use hard water, it could be a case of one side being blocked by mineral build up. However, as the inlet valve uses a solenoid to open the hoses and let water in, it could have gone faulty and is not opening. This can be tested with a multimeter.

When it comes to replacing a faulty water inlet valve, typically the process is the same for most makes and models. You need to reach the casing that houses the water inlet assembly, remove the screws, and once the housing is removed, remove the wire harnesses from the water inlet assembly before removing it. What typically differs in most washers is the location of the water inlet assembly and how you reach it. For example, reaching it in a front-load washer, you may have to remove the top plate while top-load washers may have you removing the back plate to access this part.

If you tried replacing the water inlet valve and it did not fix your issue, contact us today. Often if the most obvious fix isn’t the solution, it needs a little bit more detective work done by a trained hand. Let us help get your washer back in working order today.


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