3 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Washing Machine

January 18, 2020
Washer Repair

No one purposely breaks anything on their appliance. You don’t expect repairs, but they are coming. This becomes even truer when you play things a little fast and loose with the way you are supposed to use your appliance. When it comes to washers, they are easy to abuse. So if you want to stave off that next washer repair, considering the following habits that are likely hurting it.

Overloading the Machine

You have been told this a lot and likely by a few different people – don’t overload the washing machine. However, it is an act that seems pretty harmless. Your clothes still come out clean so it doesn’t matter, right? Unfortunately, it not only affects your machine’s ability to clean clothes, but it is hard on the machine itself.

The thing we often forget about clothing is that it gets exponentially heavier when wet. A washer full of delicates will be fine, but if you have crammed blue jeans into every corner, you are putting a huge amount of wear on the moving parts of your washer.

Using Too Much Detergent

Less detergent will result in less clean clothes, but more detergent doesn’t mean they will be cleaner. If you have ever had a really old detergent cup that had leftover detergent in it, you will see that it turns to a sticky, goopy mess. It becomes practically glue. When you use too much detergent, it means that detergent will be left behind, which will make the interior sticky and likely to grow mold. However, it also means your washer needs to work harder to wash it out of clothing as well.

Not Emptying Your Pockets

Yes, it is super annoying when you wash a wallet, but if you leave some loose change or other items in your pockets, it can be hard on your washer as well. Furthermore, metal items, like lingerie washed on a non-delicate cycle can cause problems as well.

Are you manifesting washer problems? Whether it was due to these poor habits or not, contact us today to see what we can do to fix it up.


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