What To Do When Your Dryer Doesn’t Heat

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When you put your clothes into the dryer, you expect them to come out dry. If the clothes tumble, the cycle ends, and your clothes are still cool and damp, there are repairs to be made. Here are a few parts to test out: Heating Element On a Maytag dryer, you’ll find this part either under the drum on the right … Read More

Fix Your Gas Oven’s Heat Control: How to Replace Your GE Oven’s Thermostat #WB20K8

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Most problems with range ovens start with the ability to control the heat. A broken element might stop heat from coming on at all, while a broken dial control might not read your temperature input, especially with a digital control panel. If your range oven turns on but keeps surpassing the set temperature, your thermostat may be broken. Without a functioning … Read More