Why Your Refrigerator Door Keeps Opening By Itself?

August 24, 2020
Refrigerator Repair

Have you walked into your kitchen to find your refrigerator door open a crack? You may wonder how that happened or how long ago that happened. Maybe someone was a little distracted and didn’t close it properly. No big deal, but only just this once. However, if you keep walking into your kitchen and this issue keeps happening, then it is the sign of a problem. Put away the duct tape, there are better ways to fix a refrigerator door that opens on its own.

If you have a refrigerator door that is opening on its own, then there are really only two potential issues. Sometimes you may have both issues at the same time, while other times only one may be the cause. When your refrigerator door opens by itself, the two main causes are a faulty door gasket or your refrigerator is off level.

If a refrigerator is off level, in most cases the adjustable leg has worn out. Sometimes you just need to re-adjust the lowered leg, but other times you may need to just replace it if it has gotten too old. If your refrigerator is sloping forward due to one of the adjustable legs failing, then your refrigerator cannot form a tight seal. This is what has been leading to your mysterious and energy-wasting problem.

Alternatively, your refrigerator doesn’t need to be sloping for the seal to fail. The door gasket, or the plastic seal around the outer edge, helps keep cold air in and warm air out. Yet, if this plastic is old, dirty, or otherwise damaged, then a tight seal will be unable to form. While a sloping refrigerator will cause the seal to fail. If it isn’t forming properly in the first place, even a level refrigerator door can swing open with just the lightest breeze. This is why sometimes these issues work together to cause the problem, and sometimes it is just one.


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