Is it Possible to Clean A Refrigerator Water Line?

June 8, 2020
Refrigerator Repair

As it is consistently exposed to water, the water line in your refrigerator-that feeds your ice maker and water dispenser can manifest various unpleasantness. It can grow mold, algae, and if you have hard water – it can become clogged with mineral deposits. If this is the case, you may be better off just pulling the water lines out and replacing them. However, in older models of refrigerators, you will find that some simply do not let you change out the water lines. If this is the case you are not without options. It is possible to clean them.

To begin, you will want to disconnect the water from your refrigerator. You will want to drain as much water from the lines by depressing the water dispenser level and letting it drain into a bucket. When empty, you will want to locate a reservoir that is typically located behind the crisper. This may involve you disassembling the interior of your refrigerator compartment to reach. Once accessed, you will want to fill it with vinegar.

The wonderful thing about doing this method with white vinegar is that it is multi-purpose. The acid will kill mold and algae as well as break down mineral deposits.

Once the reservoir is filled, you will want to depress the water lever again to circulate the vinegar. Once you start getting vinegar, stop. Now you will want to wait ten minutes for the vinegar to do its work.

Once finished, reconnect your refrigerator water and start running it. You will want to run the water until you no longer see mold, mildew, or minerals being flushed out and it does not smell like vinegar. Filling a few buckets may be required, particularly if your water lines were very dirty. If that is the case, you may want to consider doing another round as well.

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