How to Replace Your Frigidaire Refrigerator’s Defrost Timer 215846602

Sometimes freezers work too well. But if your Frigidaire’s defrost timer is broken, then the freezer can get too cold or the freeze cycle will last for too long. Sometimes a broken defrost timer can even make your freezer too warm. Once you know the part is broken, order a replacement (part #215846602) and replace it following these steps:

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

A defrost timer is an electrical part. Always unplug your refrigerator and other major appliances before replacing or disconnecting any parts.

2. Access the defrost timer.

Open the refrigerator section and remove the top shelf, so you can access the parts attached to the top of the refrigerator part’s ceiling.

3. Remove the assembly containing the defrost timer.

Loosen the four screws attaching the assembly to the ceiling. Disconnect the wire harness and pull the assembly free from the machine. The defrost timer is in the assembly.

4. Remove the defrost timer.

Flip the assembly over so the side with the light bulb is face-up. Then loosen the two screws holding the defrost timer in place. Flip the assembly back over, remove the wire harness attached to the timer, and pull the timer away. Set it aside.

5. Install the new defrost timer.

Connect the defrost timer to the wire harness. Then set in place in the assembly and hold it as you flip the assembly over and tighten the two screws that hold the timer in place.

6. Reassemble the machine.

Slide the assembly into place and make sure the rear attaches drain tube aligns with the hole in the back of the refrigerator. Then connect the wire harness and mount the retainer in place with the four screws.
Put the top shelf back in place and shut the door.
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