How to Replace the Water Filter Housing and Tube Assembly in Your Samsung Refrigerator

Leaks around your refrigerator’s water filter or a weak water flow from the water dispenser are symptoms of a damaged water filter housing and tube assembly. Replacing the assembly in your Samsung refrigerator model RF267AZWP/XAA is not complicated. To help you through the repair process, we’ve created a step-by-step repair guide for you to follow.


How to Replace the Filter Housing and Tube Assembly in Your Refrigerator

Always unplug your refrigerator and turn off the water running to your appliance before starting a repair. Wearing work gloves and safety goggles are highly recommended.
  1. Start by disconnecting the two water lines running to your filter. Using a 7/16″ wrench and a 1/2″ wrench loosen the nut attached to the water supply line. Once the tube and supply line are separated, you may need to cut off the nut on the end of the water filter tube: otherwise, the tube will not fit through the hole on the back of your refrigerator. After the first water line is disconnected, release the second one from its union.
  2. With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the cover and clamps holding the water lines to the back of the refrigerator.
  3. Now you can go around to the front of the refrigerator, and open the doors to gain access to the water filter and its housing. Remove the water filter and the filter head cover. Using a Phillips screwdriver, take out the two screws securing the filter housing to the back of your refrigerator. After the screws are removed, you can simply pull the filter housing and tube assembly out from your appliance.
  4. To attach the new filter housing and tube assembly, feed the two tubes through the holes in the back of your refrigerator. Once the tubes are all the way through, and the housing is flush with the back wall, reattach the screws you took out earlier.
  5. Make sure you remove the protective cap from the filter housing before putting the head cover and filter back in.
  6. Move to the rear of the refrigerator and put the cover and clamps back on with your Phillips screwdriver. If the tubes are too long, measure them and carefully cut them with a razor blade before reconnecting the clamps.
  7. To connect the tube with the water supply line, you’ll need to install a new compression fitting onto the tube. Once you’ve got the nut and compression fitting in place, you can reattach the supply line. Make sure the connection is secure; otherwise it will leak.
  8. Now that the repair is done, plug your refrigerator back in and turn on the water supply running to your appliance.
If your refrigerator is malfunctioning, and you need help diagnosing and repairing the problem, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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