How to Install a Water Filter in a Samsung Refrigerator

December 17, 2018
Refrigerator Repair

If you want to continue to enjoy clean, cool water from your Samsung refrigerator, then eventually you will need to change the filter. You want to replace this filter not only due to the excellent crisp taste you get, but a clogged water filter will eventually impede your refrigerator’s ability to dispense water. So if your refrigerator is pestering you to change that filter, stop putting it off and get to work with this guide.

Before you begin, you will need a replacement water filter. In most Samsung refrigerators, you will need a #DA29-00020B water filter. This filter will work with most models of Samsung refrigerators. Typically, the model of refrigerator more dictates where the filter bay is located rather than what model filter it needs.

How to Change a Samsung Water Filter

Depending on the model of Samsung refrigerator that you have, your water filter bay will be located down by the crisper or on the side of the refrigerator near the toe grill. Before removing the filter, you will want to shut off the water to the refrigerator via the valve in the back.

Once the water is off and you have found the filter bay, rotate the old filter counter clockwise to unscrew it. Once done, the new filter can now be installed.

To install, remove the blue cap from the tip of the filter and screw into the slot clockwise. You may note a hissing noise when screwing in the new filter, but this is just fine.

Once the filter is installed, turn the water back on and run about a gallon of water through it. You may notice some sputtering, but this is just removing the air from the line.

The final step is to reset the water filter light on your refrigerator by holding it down for three seconds. Now your refrigerator will remind you to change the filter again in six months or 300 gallons, whatever comes first.


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