Freezer Drawer is Not Sealing Properly on a GE Refrigerator


While bottom freezer refrigerators aren’t as popular as their top freezer of side by side cousins, they do provide excellent and easily accessible freezer storage for many homes. However, they do have a unique potential problem. Since the freezer on the bottom is essentially just one big drawer, there is the potential for that big drawer to not close properly. When this happens, the integrity of your frozen food is at risk and you are hemorrhaging energy out of the gap.

The obvious first task for this issue is to check to make sure there is nothing in your freezer that is preventing the drawer from closing properly. Items sticking out over the lip or being too tall can affect how it closes. If the storage baskets are not in place properly, these can also affect how the drawer closes.

The next likely culprit is the gasket that runs around the edges. Run your fingers around the inner lip of the drawer to make sure the gasket feels smooth. If there are any obstructions, gaps, or damage, then the gasket will need to be replaced so that it forms a proper seal.

Finally, in some rare cases, the rails on which the drawer slides could be causing these issues. These rails are generally built to last. Unfortunately, if you have small children, opening this drawer and then placing weight on top of it can cause them to warp. So if small children or even adults have been leaning or sitting on the open drawer, the rails could have warped and are now preventing the drawer from closing.

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