Fixing a Freezer That Keeps Icing Over

April 8, 2019
Refrigerator Repair

If you have a frost-free freezer, like most modern freezers, you may never see a layer of ice inside. However, the day may come where you open it up and find a huge layer of frost or frost build up that is slowly taking it over. When this happens suddenly in your frost-free freezer, you have a problem that needs to be fixed. It isn’t something that is going to go away on its own.

When you have frost build up in a frost-free freezer, it can be caused by three different problems:

  • The Defrost Thermostat
  • The Door Gasket
  • The Defrost Timer

If your defrost thermostat is broken, this means that your freezer can no longer detect when the defrost needs to kick on. The thermostat in charge of gauging when frost is building around the evaporator coil and, in turn, turning on the heat to defrost it. It will then also tell it when the defrost can shut off. By locating it, you can test for faults in the thermometer with a multimeter.

Similarly, the defrost timer, rather than the thermometer, may be causing the issue. This is in charge of when the defrost runs and how long it runs for. As you can turn the timer off so you can use the defrost manually, if you do so and the freezer defrosts, it is the timer that is the faulty part.

Finally, if you only notice frost near the edges of your freezer, it may be a problem with your door seal. If it is not sealing properly and the warm air is leaking in, it can cause frost. Replacing the seal is a quick fix to this problem.

If you can’t figure out your frost problem, contact us today so we can get your freezer back to the frost-free model that you need it to be.


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