Common Solutions for Refrigerators Not Cooling

April 5, 2021
Refrigerator Repair

The most common solutions in any refrigerator that would cause it not to cool are the condenser fan motor or the evaporator fan motor.  If you are somewhat handy with tools, you could probably tackle this job yourself to save some money.

For example, if you have the GE GSS25QGSCBB, you would need the GE Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor OEM Part # WR60X10220 or the GE Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor OEM Part # WR60X10185 for you to replace to get your refrigerator up and cooling.

Freezers Water Leaks

Freezers can cause water damage if the defrost-drain tube is clogged, frozen, or cracked.  But not to worry.  You can unclog or buy a new defrost-drain tube and replace it yourself.  

For example, if you have a Samsung refrigerator model RFG298AABPXAA, and your drain hose is cracked, you could replace it with OEM Part #241957901.

Drain pans can overflow if the freezer door seals are not sealing properly, causing excess frost and condensation.  And, yes, you can buy refrigerator and freezer door gaskets and replace them yourself also.  For the same model Samsung refrigerator listed above, you would need the Samsung Refrigerator Door Gasket, OEM Part # DA97-05253D.

Ice Makers And Water Dispensers Water Leaks

Ice makers and water dispensers are a common cause of water leaks.  The water lines or hoses can break or crimp causing leaks.  Replacing the standard hoses with a steel-braided line could deter any unexpected breakage and leaks.

For the Frigidaire refrigerator model FRS26HR4DB4, the water line OEM Part #218976409 can be replaced with a 5/16″, 61″ long steel braided line.


If the problems are more complicated than the DIY tips listed here, contact us to find out how we can help with your refrigerator repair services.


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