Why Your Over the Stove Microwave Turns On Randomly

September 16, 2019
Oven Repair

Have you ever been cooking something on your stove only to have the microwave overhead turn on randomly? We will be honest, it’s not ghosts and usually, it is not actually a malfunction either. Over the stove microwaves, depending on the model you have, will have the potential to turn on by themselves if the right circumstances are met.

What you probably do not know is that the touchpad on your microwave is heat sensitive. This makes it so the heat of your finger is actually activating the button rather than the actual pressure of your finger. Unfortunately, when your microwave is located over the stove, it is subject to the occasional bout of rising heat from the stove. If you have all the burners going, you may notice that the microwave may randomly turn on or activate buttons because they have a heat-sensitive touchpad.

The easiest fix for this isn’t actually a fix, but a preventative measure. If the microwave turns on randomly, you simply need to open the microwave door. Although the touchpad is activated by heat, it will not be able to turn on with the door open due to a safety feature installed in all microwaves.

As it takes a fair amount of heat, this will likely only need to be done when you are cooking a big meal on the stove. So it is not a huge issue.

But for your safety, you should also consider disconnecting power to the microwave altogether.

If you are having more serious microwave problems that do need repair, contact us today. Central Valley Appliance can help you make sure that is an issue is fixed up quickly and correctly. Microwave problems are often a lot more complicated than the appliance itself seems, and because microwaves can hold a lethal shock even while unplugged, you may feel more comfortable leaving the repair to a professional technician.


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